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Conveyors are seen on almost every material handling site because they are the most efficient method of transferring material from one area to another. The Groundworx Co represents several conveyor lines and also custom builds conveyors in Leduc, AB to meet specific customer needs. Custom builds can include:

  • Industry standard and custom widths and lengths available.
  • Option of hydraulic or electric drive.
  • Electric drives can be either conventional with an electric motor and gearbox or more modern with an internal drive head pulley.
  • Idlers are CEMA standard and available in 4″ or 5″ diameter (special orders available).
  • Belting can be 2-Ply or 3-Ply belting, smooth or multi-v pattern, or special to meet the customer’s needs.
  • Undercarriages can be configured with road legal wheels, lights and brakes, site wheels, radial wheels, stands, etc.


Portable Conveyors on Wheels

● The most common in the aggregate industry, especially with custom crushing operations that frequently move.

● Can come in a variety of widths and lengths up to 150′ long telescopic conveyors.

● Configurations including road legal with lights and brakes, pit portable wheels only, radial or straight axles.

Portable Conveyors on Tracks

● Gaining popularity, especially with contractors and custom crushing operations that already have track portable diesel equipment in their fleet.

● Quick and simple setup, easy to move on site and transport from

site to site.

● Standard lengths are 60′ and 80′ although other options are available.

Stationary Conveyors on Stands

● Typically set up on stands as a permanent or semi-permanent structure.

● Used in material handling where they will remain in the same place for long period of time.

● Almost endless width, length, and configurations available.

Compact Lightweight Conveyors

Mace Industries Limited Logo

● Mace Shifta conveyors are designed for smaller jobs where site access is difficult and unique terrain or obstacles do not allow conventional conveyor setups

● Mace Bumpa lifts are designed to lift shingles, tiles, and other materials from ground level to a roof or second level


The Bumpa is Mace Industries’ original product, which has revolutionized the roofing industry within the UK and worldwide.

The Bumpa is quick to erect — it’s simply unloaded from your truck and up and running within four minutes. 1000 tiles can then be loaded on to any roof in under 25 minutes. Not only does the Bumpa out load any competitor, it also has a powered reverse to strip valuable salvage down easily from the roof into the back of a truck in no time!
The diesel version is truly portable and can be taken anywhere to increase worker efficiency — making the job easier!


The UK’s number one conveyor of rubble, aggregates and soils.

With its aluminium construction, this lightweight machine is now even more portable than before. The Shifta has a tough rubber troughed belt, a three-phase two-speed (110v/ 240v input) motor and a portable hopper that is large enough to convey bulky material. The ideal machine for moving material in difficult terrain with an incline up to 50 degrees. Shifta moves aggregate quickly and efficiently. The preferred choice for shifting large amounts of material on building sites all over the world.

Get Your Equipment Today!

Each Groundworx Conveyor is custom-built to meet the specific requirements and exacting standards of our customers. These custom conveyors can be manufactured to include a wide variety of options, and are available in sizes ranging from 24″ x 30′ up to massive 125′ radial stackers.

Operational choices include stackable conveyors, road portable or stationary models, and electric or diesel power.

Our inventory at Groundworx regularly includes a selection of standard models, but by custom building units to customer specifications, we ensure strict compatibility and cost effectiveness.

Groundworx Custom Rail Car Unloading

Groundworx Custom Rail Car Unloading

Groundworx Custom Transfer Conveyors

Groundworx Custom Transfer Conveyors

Complete Gravel Crushing Plant

Complete Gravel Crushing Plant

Groundworx Stacking Conveyors

Groundworx Stacking Conveyors

Screener and Stacking Conveyors

Screener and Stacking Conveyors

RD Olsen Feeder and Groundworx Custom Convyors

RD Olsen Feeder and Groundworx Custom Convyors