Grinding and Shredding Equipment

Groundworx offers High Speed Grinders as well as Low Speed Shredders.

Our machines are high quality pieces of equipment provide consistent, dependable performance in almost any application.

Pronar Shredders

About Pronar Shredders

Pronar offers excellent shredding machines, specializing in heavy-duty slow-speed primary shredders that handle a variety of waste and recycling applications, including large volume, landfill, municipal waste, and more. Pronar machines are mobile, so they have the ability to be quickly transported to any place, which increases the range of machine applications.

Mobile Shredders

  • MRW 2.1010
  • MRW 2.85 / 2.85h / 2.85g
  • MRW 2.75 / 2.75g

Stationary Shredders

  • RW 2.85

Komplet Shredders

Krokodile Mobile Shredder

Flexible, powerful, economical. The Krokodile mobile shredder gives you all the advantages of mobile shredding while being extremely compact. This all-rounder shreds even difficult materials including concrete, wood, and more with its robust design and powerful engine. With this type of shredder, you have the opportunity to choose the control program depending on the type of feed material.

Komplet North America

When Portability Matters

When choosing a shredder, portability is typically a consideration. While traditional recycling centres aren’t required to be mobile, demolition companies, construction companies, landscapers, and other businesses may profit the most from the option to shred on-site. Shredded materials are easier to carry from the project site and, in many situations, can be reused right on the job. Pulverized concrete, for example, can be used as aggregate in new concrete or as a fill material. Shredded wood can also be utilized right away as landscaping mulch.

First-class products supporting customers committed to:

  • Waste Management

Grinding and shredding of materials destined for landfills allows for increased compaction of non-biodegradable components, resulting in a more stable fill and the disposal of more garbage in less space. After shredding, most organic wastes can be composted and reused, saving thousands of tons of landfill space each year and giving important resources to consumers.

  • A Greener Environment

In today’s world, environmentally sound business practices are becoming more prominent. Businesses are being urged to decrease waste and properly dispose of unwanted items. One strategy to lower your carbon footprint is to manage some of the waste that your company generates.

  • Recycling

In the process of recycling waste materials, a marketable product is created. Culled pieces of wood and/or sawdust are mixed with resins, and pressed into particle board, which is widely used in hundreds of building industry applications. Bark dust that has been chipped, shredded, or crushed can be resold for landscaping. Pellets are made from fine chips or sawdust for use in wood-burning appliances.

  • Preservation of Natural Resources

Shredding waste allows metals to be reused, eliminating the need for continuous ore mining and contributing to the preservation of our natural resources and landscapes. Our trees are saved by processing discarded lumber into engineered and composite products. Granulated polymers are used to help composite building materials last longer, eliminating the need to produce additional lumber.