Do-it-Yourself Equipment Rentals

Groundworx offers several lines of Light and Medium duty equipment for rental specifically targeted to Residential and Light Commercial use!  When you need to move materials for your Home or Small Commercial project, Mace shredder and Conveyor systems are a great fit.  For larger jobs – consider the stellar equipment from Komplet!

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Rentals for Residential & Light Commercial Projects

Ideal for small home jobs, our Mace line offers convenient size and capability for home landscaping and demolition use.

Komplet North America

Rentals for Medium & Heavy Duty Projects

For contractors looking for heavier Equipment – the Komplet line offers production capacity and capabilities suited to larger projects!

Do it Yourself Equipment Rentals

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    Mace Equipment

    Small Home and DIY projects
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    Shifta conveyors

    • 12” and 18” Wide options
    • 10’, 14’, and 18’ options in both widths
    • Basement excavations
    • Landscaping (top soil, rock/gravel, clay)
    • Moving firewood
    Size Monthly Weekly Day (2-Day Min)
    12”x10’ Long $1000/mo $350/wk $70/day
    12”x14’ Long $1400/mo $490/wk $98/wk
    12”x18’ Long $1800/mo $630/wk $126/wk
    18”x10’ Long $1500/mo $525/wk $105/wk
    18”x14’ Long $2100/mo $735/wk $147/wk
    18”x18’ Long $2700/mo $945/wk $189/wk
    Shifta Conveyor

    NEW:  Screena

    • Small portable screener for landscaping projects
    • Weighs 198KG
    • Various screen opening sizes available
    • Compatible with Shifta conveyors
    • Screening dirt/debris out of rock
    • Screening larger rock/clay/debris out of top soil
    • See Screena Product Information

    Komplet Medium/Heavy Duty

    Larger DIY projects up to commercial projects
    Komplet North America

    DS1020 Trommel Screener

    • 7500 LBS, rubber track mounted
    • Various screen opening sizes available
    • Screening oversize out of top soil
    • Screening fines from mulch
    • Screening fines out of gravel

    K-JC704 Jaw Crusher

    • Track mounted
    • Can crush down to ¾”
    • Magnetic separator to remove metal
    • Crushing concrete
    • Crushing rock

    Kompatto 5030 Screener

    • Track mounted
    • 4’ x 8’ 2-Deck Screener
    • Screening gravel
    • Screening top soil

    Krokodile Shredder

    • Compact slow-speed shredder
    • Track mounted
    • Magnetic separator to remove metal
    • Shred debris for reduction in space required in transport (demolition of old buildings!!)
    Komplet DS1020
    Komplet DS1020
    Komplet JawCrusher K-JC 704
    Komplet JawCrusher K-JC 704