Light and Medium Duty Do-it-Yourself Equipment Rentals

Groundworx offers several lines of Light and Medium duty equipment for rental specifically targeted to Residential and Light Commercial use!

Mace Industries Limited Logo

Rentals for Residential & Light Commercial Projects

Ideal for small home jobs, our Mace line offers convenient size and capability for home landscaping and demolition use.

Komplet North America

Rentals for Medium & Heavy Duty Projects

For contractors looking for heavier Equipment – the Komplet line offers production capacity and capabilities suited to larger projects!

Do it Yourself Equipment Rentals

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    Residential and Light Commercial - Mace Equipment

    Mace Industries Limited Logo

    Shifta conveyors

    • 12” and 18” Wide options
    • 10’, 14’, and 18’ options in both widths
    • Basement excavations
    • Landscaping (top soil, rock/gravel, clay)
    • Moving firewood
    Size Monthly Weekly Day (2-Day Min)
    12”x10’ Long $1000/mo $350/wk $70/day
    12”x14’ Long $1400/mo $490/wk $98/wk
    12”x18’ Long $1800/mo $630/wk $126/wk
    18”x10’ Long $1500/mo $525/wk $105/wk
    18”x14’ Long $2100/mo $735/wk $147/wk
    18”x18’ Long $2700/mo $945/wk $189/wk
    Shifta Conveyor

    NEW:  Screena

    • Small portable screener for landscaping projects
    • Weighs 198KG
    • Various screen opening sizes available
    • Compatible with Shifta conveyors
    • Screening dirt/debris out of rock
    • Screening larger rock/clay/debris out of top soil
    • See Screena Product Information

    Medium to Heavy Duty - Komplet

    Larger DIY projects up to commercial projects
    Komplet North America

    DS1020 Trommel Screener

    • 7500 LBS, rubber track mounted
    • Various screen opening sizes available
    • Screening oversize out of top soil
    • Screening fines from mulch
    • Screening fines out of gravel

    K-JC704 Jaw Crusher

    • Track mounted
    • Can crush down to ¾”
    • Magnetic separator to remove metal
    • Crushing concrete
    • Crushing rock

    Kompatto 5030 Screener

    • Track mounted
    • 4’ x 8’ 2-Deck Screener
    • Screening gravel
    • Screening top soil

    Krokodile Shredder

    • Compact slow-speed shredder
    • Track mounted
    • Magnetic separator to remove metal
    • Shred debris for reduction in space required in transport (demolition of old buildings!!)
    Komplet DS1020
    Komplet DS1020
    Komplet JawCrusher K-JC 704
    Komplet JawCrusher K-JC 704